The New School Foods fillet looks and tastes like salmon, but it’s actually plants • ExamPaper

New School Foods said its muscle fiber and scaffolding technology to produce alternative seafood products is now at a point where it can be demonstrated and a pilot facility built. The company’s first product is a vegetable fillet that looks, cooks, tastes and flakes like wild salmon. The announcement comes after the Toronto-based plant-based fish … Read more

Indian retail giant Reliance accepts CBDC in stores ExamPaper

Reliance Retail, India’s largest retail chain, will begin accepting retail payments in digital rupees in a move that could boost adoption of the country’s recently launched CBDC. The Mukesh Ambani-led company said it is partnering with ICICI Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank and fintech Innoviti Technologies to launch the in-store support for digital rupee. Customers who … Read more

Sequoia Capital India Powers Freightify’s Vertical SaaS Platform for Freight Forwarders • ExamPaper

For freight forwarders, getting pricing data for their customers usually involves going to multiple sources and then consolidating information into spreadsheets. That is time-consuming and complicated, especially since price data is constantly changing. Freightify wants to make the process as easy as comparing airline tickets with its vertical SaaS platform. The Singapore-based startup announced today … Read more

Addressable raises $7.5 million to match crypto wallets with Twitter accounts. But how? • ExamPaper

Marketo, which was developed, among other things, to improve marketing around social media users, was eventually acquired by Adobe. Now a new startup hopes to do what Marketo did in Web 2.0, but this time in web3. Addressable has a digital fingerprinting startup that claims to be able to match anonymous crypto wallets with social … Read more

Enterprise blockchain adoption may grow as hybrid use cases evolve • ExamPaper

While crypto markets remain volatile, enterprise blockchain adoption continues to grow as companies find new use cases for the technology, according to Daniela Barbosa, general manager of blockchain and identity and executive director of Hyperledger at The Linux Foundation. One of the biggest demands of the past two years has been “hybrid use cases,” Barbosa … Read more

Tiger Global’s India returns ‘well below average’, but company remains optimistic, says Scott Shleifer ExamPaper

Tiger Global believes India is likely to have the highest equity returns in the world going forward, his partner Scott Shleifer said during an investor call on Tuesday, even as he admitted the investor giant has made much more money in China and the US. “We think this is the best place to invest,” says … Read more