Hundreds of Salesforce Employees Laid Off in January Just Found Out of a Job Today • ExamPaper

To get a roundup of ExamPaper’s biggest and most important stories delivered to your inbox every day at 3PM PST, register here. On the one hand, we could be mad that Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, but the sun hasn’t risen for several days where Christine lives, so she’s pretty excited that wherever Phil lives, … Read more

Meet Beek, a startup bringing audiobooks to LatAm with support from big names • ExamPaper

Raised in Mexico City, Pamela Valdes says she was a bullied child who was inspired by stories her parents told about other bullied individuals, such as Bill Gates, who later became very successful. “Those stories my parents told me kind of created my reality,” she said. Valdes acknowledged that her upbringing was more privileged than … Read more

The New School Foods fillet looks and tastes like salmon, but it’s actually plants • ExamPaper

New School Foods said its muscle fiber and scaffolding technology to produce alternative seafood products is now at a point where it can be demonstrated and a pilot facility built. The company’s first product is a vegetable fillet that looks, cooks, tastes and flakes like wild salmon. The announcement comes after the Toronto-based plant-based fish … Read more

Sequoia Capital India Powers Freightify’s Vertical SaaS Platform for Freight Forwarders • ExamPaper

For freight forwarders, getting pricing data for their customers usually involves going to multiple sources and then consolidating information into spreadsheets. That is time-consuming and complicated, especially since price data is constantly changing. Freightify wants to make the process as easy as comparing airline tickets with its vertical SaaS platform. The Singapore-based startup announced today … Read more