Magic Eden exec sees NFT gaming as the ‘early days of mobile gaming’ • ExamPaper

Blockchain games have has grown exponentially over the past year as a new and innovative alternative to the traditional gaming world. Although the two areas are far apart, some market players see an integrated future.

“I was there in the very early days of mobile gaming, right after the iPhone came out, the App Store came out,” Chris Akhavan, chief gaming officer at NFT marketplace Magic Eden, told ExamPaper. “I remember the attitude of traditional gaming companies at the time was that mobile games were stupid.”

These gaming conglomerates viewed mobile games as “really small, unimpressive games” that people wouldn’t want to play, Akhavan said. “For the most part, many of the big traditional gaming companies ignored mobile [games] for the first few years and that created opportunities for new mobile gaming companies like King, which is now owned by Activision, to create that margin and grow substantially.

When that happened, major gaming companies became hyper-focused on the mobile gaming space and started buying smaller games to compete, Akhavan noted.

“We think the same journey will happen in web3,” Akhavan said. “In the past year, several billion dollars have been invested in new web3 gaming studios and they will be leading the charge here in creating the ecosystem and showing the true sides of the opportunity, which will be huge.”

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